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"It’s been almost three years since I moved to Stockholm, first having been drawn to Sweden by it’s ‘eco-friendly’ reputation; I felt that the current options for sustainable shopping in the city were lacking, and it was time to do something about it!


Working with young children for the last 5 years has only increased my passion for protecting the environment. It has made me reflect more deeply on the lasting impact of my own, and previous generations on the planet, and what sort of state we will be leaving it behind in. I spend all day teaching children to take responsibility for their actions - and yet when it comes to looking after the environment, it’s a lesson we’re all still learning."




"As an ex-polluter, I've got Naomi to thank for converting me to a more sustainable lifestyle. I’ve always wanted to create something bigger than myself, and after studying business administration at Stockholm University, I wanted to use that education to do something good for the world.


Add to that my interest in health and fitness – and wanting to keep a close eye on the raw ingredients in my food – it didn’t take much convincing to get me on board with the idea of opening a loose-weight Zero Waste shop."







What if you could live in a world which produced Zero Waste? Where millions of plastic bags, containers and single-use products don’t end up in the ocean every single day? What if you could live in a world where your food goes from farm to table with as little impact on the environment as possible - even if you live in a major city?


At WasteLess, our vision is to make that a reality. Besides bringing packaging-free shopping to Sweden, we want to help spread awareness and demonstrate that change is possible. We want to set an example and bring about the revolution in our food shopping culture.


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